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Corporate Insurance Tracing Services

BAI Claims Services brings a number of skills to bear in investigating and tracing missing insurance periods.

We have expert knowledge of the Employers’ Liability Tracing Office database (ELTO); indeed, we also train and support other organisations in how to use it to its full potential.

We combine this with an excellent knowledge of company law to analyse documents submitted to Companies House and we draw on a network of specialist relationships from fellow members of various ELTO groups to valuable contacts at other respected insurance archaeologists.

The need to use ELTO and comply with FCA regulations can pose different challenges to different organisations. Consequently, we provide solutions in two distinct areas:

1. Helping insurers to meet their FCA obligations

We deliver market-leading tracing services for a number of run-off insurance estates, including:

  • AA Mutual International Insurance Company Ltd
  • BAI (Run-off) Ltd
  • Cotton Trades Insurance Association Ltd
  • Municipal General Insurance Ltd
  • OIC Run-off Ltd
  • Trinity Insurance Company Ltd

2. Using tracing services to reduce your claims costs

BAI Claims Services is a specialist in the Employer’s Liability Tracing Office database (ELTO) with extensive market knowledge and experience. We can assist by tracing historical insurance cover and consequently, reducing potential claims costs.

BAI Claims Services have been active participants in ELTO since its formation; indeed, our organisation is represented on the ELTO Advisory Board.

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